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About Us


Letter From the Staff

Modern Martial Arts is not just another MMA gym. We are a family friendly fitness facility catering to the needs of all fitness levels! Regardless of what your fitness goal is, we are here to keep you motivated and help you achieve it! You have finally found the gym where you can focus on training without the distraction of egos & attitudes. Our classes are high energy, fun, and leave you eager for the next.

We are the ORIGINAL Modern Martial Arts school of the tri-state area, boasting 15 YEARS in business this past October 2016!! Our school is located just South of the famous “Raceway Park” in Central NJ and only 10 minutes away from iPlay America in Freehold, NJ. Modern Martial Arts is not another MMA school or fitness facility. We do not follow the latest fad or try to sell you belts & gimmicks. We simply teach what has been proven effective by our elite coaching staff.

Every student here at Modern is an important part of the team. From someone who has never taken a class befroe, to the most experienced professional athlete- our programs are for EVERYONE! We have positively impacted thousands of students lives over the years and look forward to impacting yours as well. Our coaches are extremely personal and guide you every step of the way.

Whether you want to shred those unwanted calories, improve your previous martial arts background, or become one of our Pro Fighters on our Fight Team, Modern has the tools to benefit everyone. Everyone who steps into this welcoming environment has a goal, and regardless of what that goal is, we are here to help you reach it through what we know better than anyone else! So turn off the TV, grab your friend or loved one, and come over to Modern Martial Arts for a free trial class will! We look forward to working with you!


Modern Martial Arts Family