IMG_0991 Welcome to the Modern Martial Arts website! We are the premier mixed martial arts gym  in Central New Jersey. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 732-570-4875 or email us at IMG_0987 IMG_0989

  • Brazilian JIu jitsu
    A smooth high intensity workout, while learning self defense!
  • Snake Pit U.S.A. Seminar
    Training with the best coaches in Catch wrestling!
  • Kids grappling competitions.
    Building young Champions!
  • Kids Judo
    It's about fun for the kids.
  • Fit Club
    We focus on fitness first
  • Open for All Ages!
    We have a variety of classes for all age groups

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Meet The Coaches

John D’Amato

MMA, BJJ, JKD, Catch Wrestling, CSW

With over 15 years of martial arts training. Head Coach D'Amato brings a well rounded mix of knowledge and accomplishments to Modern Martial Arts. Coach D'Amato hold a black belt in Integrated Fighting Systems under Sensei John Potenza and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Pat Stano. Coach D'Amato also holds other ranks which include: Affiliate Coach of Snake Pit USA. Certified in Level 1 Modern Army Combatives. 2nd degree Blue glove in Savate under Professor Salem Assli. Progressive Fighting Systems Certified instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak. CSW Coach 1 under MMA Legend Erik Paulson. Retired U.S. Army.

Joel Bane

Catch Wrestling

SNAKE PIT U.S.A. CO-FOUNDER AND HEAD COACH: JOEL BANE Certified Catch as Catch Can Wrestler Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Under 6X World Champion, Coach Patrick Stano, under Coaches Carlos Catania and Sergio Penha Active Duty USAF Current Member and Captain of the United States Air Force “All Air Force Wrestling Team,” Training under Coach Floyd “Bad News” Winter and Coach Rich Estrella. NI-DAN (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Shin-Gi-Tai Jujitsu: Under Coach John Saylor (former U.S. Olympic Judo Head Coach and 3 time National Heavyweight Judo Champion)

Coach Billy

Kids Instructor/Adult Apprentice Instructor

Coach Billy is well versed in a variety of Martial Arts. He holds a blue belt in Pat Stano Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Journeyman of Snake Pit U.S.A. . Billy has great enthusiasm for all Martial Arts. He sets a great example for all instructors and students. Coach John is proud to have him on the Team and call him one of his prized students.