Welcome to the online home of Modern Martial Arts Fight Club! We are the premier mixed martial arts gym  in Central, New Jersey. Our website just went through a redesign and is still currently under construction but feel free to look around and get to know us. If there are any other questions you may have and our website did not answer them, please give us a call 732-617-0542.


Meet The Coaches

John D’Amato

MMA, BJJ, JKD, Catch Wrestling, CSW

With over 15 years of martial arts training. Coach D'Amato brings a well rounded mix of knowledge and accomplishments to Modern Martial Arts. Coach D'Amato hold a black belt in Integrated Fighting Systems under Sensei John Potenza and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Pat Stano. Coach D'Amato also holds other ranks which include: Affiliate Coach of Snake Pit USA. Certified in Level 1 Modern Army Combatives. 2nd degree Blue glove in Savate under Professor Salem Assli. Progressive Fighting Systems Certified instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak. CSW Coach 1 under MMA Legend Erik Paulson. Retired U.S. Army.